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Brackenridge Senior Photoshoot

One of the best parts about high school is the many opportunities to try something new and enjoy the experience. Evan is someone who has dipped his toes in new things and had fun doing it!

Evan started football in middle school and continued to play for two years in high school. Joining the football team requires hours of dedication, hard work, and determination, especially during summer football camp in the extreme heat of July and August in Texas. It's a testament to his ability to work through difficulties and stick with it!

Most recently, Evan tried something outside of his comfort zone and was in the musical at Johnson High School, Mamma Mia, as a member of the chorus of swimmers. He had a blast, and I can attest to the success of the ability of the swimmers to make the audience laugh!

Service and leadership have also been a big part of Evan's high school experience. He has been a member of YMSL (Young Men's Service League) since ninth grade. Students who learn to give back have so many opportunities to mature and grow. Evan not only volunteered his time in this organization, but he was able to learn many life skills from professionals in the community who are willing to teach these young men. Evan's volunteer service and high academic achievement also helped him become a member of National Honor Society. Being a member of this prestigious group is by invitation only and is offered to students who have achieved academic success and volunteered their time outside of the Society. It is obvious he has given of himself to improve the community around him.

I always love a mother's perspective and try to share something special from each graduating senior's mother's point of view. Evan's mom says that "Evan is a lover of all sports, especially Formula 1 racing. He has a ridiculous amount of stats stored in his brain!" As a mother of boys, I can only imagine how those conversations go!

Lastly, Evan is planning to attend Texas A &M and wants to study architecture. The amount of hard work Evan put into high school will serve him well with this area of study. I know he will do great work! Congratulations, Evan!

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