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Fall Hill Country Family Session

Sometimes when I drive up to a photo session, I take stock of the sun and scenery. Unfortunately, as I did that arriving to this shoot, I took a corner a little tighter than I should have and ran over a few giant rocks, leaving my van a little worse for the wear. Thankfully, Travis, Tracy and their two sons were so calm and understanding that I was able to forget about my little fender bender and enjoy a fun evening with an awesome family.

There’s a fun bond between boys and their mom and I felt like Tracy was a kindred spirit as I watched her interact with her sons. There was plenty of playful banter, careful correction, and good-natured fun as we worked our way through the session. Then there was mom’s careful inspection of clothing and hair as each boy took their turn in front of the camera. I always appreciate a second set of eyes since there are so many details to attend to in a session. And it definitely paid off!

One of my favorite parts of any photo session is when I get to take mom and dad aside and take some pictures of just the two of them. A lot of times parents tell me they don’t want them, but I feel like it’s especially important to capture just the two of them and give them a moment in the spotlight. Travis and Tracy were all onboard and had a lot fun as the boys looked on (making faces as mom and dad got a few kisses in). Their connection is so apparent in their pictures!

Travis and Tracy, thank you for raising such great boys and being an example of a truly loving couple. You have an amazing family and I’m so excited to see the accomplishments your boys achieve in life!

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