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Gorgeous Hill Country Generational Family Session

There are so many things about this session that made me happy. First, this family! These are the people who have helped shape my kids. When people say it takes a village, it makes me grateful I've had Freddy and Cynthia to help teach my kids as they have grown. They are amazing examples and wonderful parents in their own right.

Second, that baby! I can tell you 100% that Freddy and Cynthia are so in love with their first grandbaby. And who wouldn't be? He is sweet and cuddly, handsome, and wrapped around everyone's finger! I also loved getting the multi-generational photo with Great-Grandma Mary! The joy that you see in each of these photos is genuine.

When I first met this family, a few of the girls were either at college or heading there. Now they are starting their own families and the youngest is graduating from high school! I can't believe how quickly time flies.

Lastly, this location! When we started shooting, it started to drizzle so we just kept moving around. At one point, I looked around the corner from where we were shooting and I heard angels singing. Well, not really, but the trail and the sky checked all my boxes for a perfect place to shoot. I am so happy with how they turned out!

Freddy and Cynthia, it was so much fun to spend an evening with you and your beautiful family. Watching your daughters grow and start families of their own has been so much fun for me. Thank you for your quiet examples and boundless love for everyone around you. Keep sharing pictures of that baby...and all the babies to come!

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