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Gorgeous Smithson Valley High School Senior Session

Honestly, I truly thought this year would be different for the class of 2021. I thought they would be able to enjoy their senior year the way seniors have been celebrating before 2020. While many are back in school physically, they still don't get their dances, graduation breakfasts and all the things that social distancing is making impossible. But I do know this: The class of 2021 is remarkable in their ability to adjust to the changing times. They have truly learned what it means to be flexible and find new ways of doing things. They are strong and resilient and they will be amazing leaders because they have learned so much from the past year.

Anamiek is one of those graduates. She is strong, determined, hard-working and gorgeous, inside and out. I enjoyed getting to know her during our session and her family session from the previous month. I can tell she is an awesome sister who loves her brothers and can make them giggle when they don't feel like it. She loves and supports her mom in all the ways only a daughter can, and she works hard on her own talents and abilities. She lettered in Colorguard, serving as the team captain, and she plays cello in the Orchestra. She has been extremely busy these past four years!

And last of all, can we talk about that hair? I was honestly so jealous of her gorgeous, thick, beautiful golden hair. I'm jealous of anyone who can grow hair that long because we all know it doesn't work for all of us! We'll just appreciate it, right?

Anamiek, thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and capture this important time in your life! The world is out there and you have so many amazing opportunities. I know you will accomplish great things! Congratulations!

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