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Peaches and Cream Hill Country Wedding

Family and friends gathered outside the San Antonio Temple in the beautiful August afternoon sun, eagerly awaiting the bride and groom's first appearance as husband and wife.

Brad and Amanda emerged from the stained-glass temple doors hand in hand, smiling at their loved ones who were there to congratulate them, and each other.

We gathered the entire wedding party together to capture pictures of everyone who came to celebrate their wedding. Amanda's parents traveled all the way from Bolivia to celebrate this joyful occasion. Many other family members gathered around them to congratulate and support them as they began their journey together.

Once the family pictures were complete, I took Brad and Amanda aside to capture their first pictures together. Amanda's dress was so much fun to photograph with it's layers of tulle and sleek satin bodice. I think it's fair to say she was glowing as we found our way around the temple grounds, photographing and capturing the love Amanda and Brad share for each other.

Just a short time after we completed their wedding pictures, we rushed to their reception at The Milestone, a gorgeous reception center in the Texas Hill Country. There, family and friends gathered as Brad and Amanda once again recommitted their love to one another as they exchanged their own personal vows and presented one another with their wedding rings. The faces of those in attendance beamed with happiness for this amazing couple.

After the ceremony, we captured a few more pictures with family and bridesmaids in their peach dresses as they all smiled at Amanda in support on her wedding day. Wedding days are often long, but Amanda smiled every step of the way.

Once dinner had been served and toasts had been declared, the dance floor lit up with strobe lights and the floor thudded with all kinds of dance music. Guests twirled one another around the dance floor or lined up to dance the latest line dance. Max, Amanda's father, lead her onto the dance floor for their father and daughter dance, followed by Brad and his mother, Vicki. Smiles lit up, not only the faces of bride and groom and parents, but all who watched them as they merged to become one family.

Amanda and Brad had arranged a reception full of details, such as native Bolivian treats and a Bolivian key chain for each guest to enjoy. The dessert table was full of cake pops, cupcakes, candy and a chocolate fountain. All of the children, and the adults in the room, were challenged with the decision of what to enjoy first!

After Brad and Amanda cut their wedding cake (and kindly served it to one another) another round of dancing ensued. The guests pranced long into the night until it was time for Amanda and Brad to make their grand exit. Family and friends gathered on either side of the stairs with sparklers in hand. Brad took his bride by the hand as they exited the reception hall, stopped for one last kiss, and loaded into their car to begin their honeymoon.

I offered my congratulations the day of their wedding, but I want to send my love and congratulations once again. Brad and Amanda, may you have lots of joy and love and adventures together as you begin family traditions and years of memories together!

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