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Sun-Kissed Hill Country Engagement Photo Session

I'm not sure we could have gotten any closer to perfection than this session! McKenna and John are such a blast to hang out with and we had some great laughs as we made some wonderful memories.

I have known McKenna for roughly 10 years and she has always been a person who speaks her mind and is always up for good humored joking around. She has been at Texas A & M for the past two years and is majoring in Education. John lives in Houston and is a welder. So how did these two get together when they live so far apart?

The Mutual App. I bet you saw that one coming. The Mutual App is like many dating apps, but it was created for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's working! I've lost track of how many of my amazing couples met through Mutual, but it's a lot!

Once John and McKenna were matched, John drove to McKenna's apartment and made her cookies. There seems to be a disagreement over whether he brought the ingredients or they went shopping for them (most love stories have a point of disagreement, and this is theirs!) He wanted to be sure dating her would be worth it before committing to, say, a Pizookie at BJ's. He decided it definitely was.

I could see that McKenna and John's personalities mesh in a fun and adventurous way. There is plenty of teasing, laughing, and love going on in their relationship that they will rarely be bored or at a loss of words with and for one another.

McKenna and John, I am so excited for the two of you and your future. Keep making each other laugh and look for something you love about each other everyday! Thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful images that illustrate your love for each other!

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